Finding Peace as a LEO Wife

As National Police Week comes to an end it is important for the family of our police officers to find peace in the reality we live daily. Today on Love and Blues I offer some suggestions that I learned from being both a police wife and also a retried police officer.

Finding Peace as a LEO Wife

She is a Girl: Why your Husband’s Female Partner is your Ally

I can still remember the glares I would get at functions where my co-workers’ significant others were present. They never seemed to even give me a chance. At first I took it personally, then I became a LEO Wife. Suddenly it became clear to me. I was seen as the enemy. I was the woman who saw her husband probably more than she did.  I got it. So I want to help quash this misconception.

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Today on Love and Blues check out my post about the reality of what your husband’s female partner is about.