This great article by Lou Hayes Getting Lefter of Bang takes a look inside a must read book by all police and military personnel.  This article suggests there is more to threat assessment than just the physical act most of us think of when reading “Left of Bang” by Patrick VanHorne and Jason Riley. It threatens to get our minds working more than is usually required of public servants. Great article about a wonderful and much needed book!!

You can check out more of Lou’s intellectual thoughts out at The Illinois Model




Author: bluelinewarrior

Laughter keeps me sane, public service is my passion, I put my all into both my work and my play, my friends and family fill my heart.

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  1. Interesting. It sounds as if many would need a great deal of training to be able to immediately process all before them instantly.
    Thanks for provide more food for thought.

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  2. It would appear that a significant amount of training/role playing is needed to be able to execute instinctively the Illinois model. Especially in tense situations that require immediate decisions. I hope law enforcement can learn from your post.

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